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This building renovation comes as consequence of structural needs concerning one element in particular; the roof has been subjected to total reconstruction due to cracks appeared on its surface. This home of modest dimensions, rises on the countryside between Padua and Venice and it has been restyled to house 4 people, while addressing to a radical conversion of an anonymous building into an architectural work. Pointless cantilevers have been removed and the interiors have been shaped into more rational layout in order to match with the building overall philosophy: a cube with a square piramide on top, recalling Purism influence. Metal and Concrete functional elements have been subsequently added outside to underline the strong character of this project. A wooden staircase (built as a serious of "L" shaped planks fastened together and hanging on metal supports) is the connection between the living room at the ground floor and the bedrooms at the upper floor, while metal beams concrete columns and a "terrazzo" floor characterise the other volumes.

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