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Studio Thesiaprogetti


Born in the 70’s as architecture and engineering office, Studio Thesia Progetti enters completely the product design field thanks to the spanish SIDI recognition for the “Moon” tea-table, designed for Cattelan Italia.In no time STP becomes a multidisciplinary office that works in many different artistic fields, mixing a strong creativity with an excellent professional competence. STP is a vestile office involved in different sectors of design, using different materials and techniques of production (injection molding, metal and wood processing and the padding). We have an innovative and multidisciplinary approach, that looks at new technologies and new materials while offering a design service that holds every market sector (from mass product to niche). The basis of our works are the simplicity of forms and a careful and meticulous analysis of the sustainability requirements, of simplicity maintenance and recyclability.


Partners: Luigi Gianesello

                Manuel Fornasiero

                Ilenia Pilotto

                Giovanna Fasolato

                Eros Quaggio

                Sara Passalacqua

                Sara Bertoldo

                Angela Auletta

                Sara Zambon

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