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Project CMR-QBA6

Finalist at Carpineto Mountain Refuge 2015 competition.

The morphological analysis of terrein and in particular the aerial vision of Borgo Carpineto have contribuited to inspiration of an architectural shape of refuge. The prospect of the project born from the syntesis and simplification of village's silouette: an asimetric and pentagonal contour.

The bivouac, built of X-Lam panels with interior isolament in expansed cork, is built and put together on every parts, also the structure, out of work.

The basement made of steel's tube will be fixed at terrain with poles.

The transport at the location will do with elicopter.

The graft of bivouac pivot inside the basement tube will permit to adapt the orientation of the refuge, depending of location condition.

The minimal dimension of 98 feet /q walkway are sufficient for the bivouac, made of equipement for rainy water recovery, for the recovery of waste water and the energy provision with photovoltaic panels and accumulation battery. The refuge is also fitted out of little meteorogical station.

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