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di luce

Switch it on and your room will suddenly come alive with diffused uniform lighting. The scenographic effect has enormous impact; the same applies to the visual sensation perceived when friends or family members sit-down cosily on these highly-unusual armchairs. They will look as though they are floating or hovering on a cloud of light.Available in two versions, with or without the light fittings; the Natevo armchair is produced with elastic mesh and available in three colors: white, black and natural with a steel structure.Light and easy to manage, this armchair comes alive with integrated light from a floor-level luminous panel; it has been tested 200,000 times.In other words, the comfort it provides and all of the practical aspects can be enjoyed all day, every day for more than 100 years!All of the pieces of furniture in the Natevo range are available with a choice of warm or colder light.

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