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The project follows the purchase of an abandoned farmstead located at the base of Euganei hills. Any kind of demolitions and reconstructions were forbidden due to scenic routes and urbanist bonds. It has been decided consequently for a structural improvement of both foundations and perimetral walls and for an augmentation of roof stability; existing openings have been kept in place while interiors layout has been dramatically change through a fine work on slabs, interior walls, and MEP. Ground floor has been designed following W. Gropius "roum-plan" philosophy, presenting the entrance, the living room and a studio at the first level, while the restroom area has been placed some steps above. Connection with the mezzanine is granted by a metal staircase presenting double "L" shape steps of variable length, this particular feature produces a sound variation of the stairs itself. A small interior deck links the mezzanine with the master bedroom area.

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