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Renovation of a Liberty villa dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, that revealed to be a careful work of historical investigation and structural consolidation. Very important feature of the project is the intervention on a post-war superfetation, where the new layout called for a kitchen to be placed next to a existing dining room presenting an old wooden floor that has been carefully restored.

A new concrete fiere place substituted the existing one, which lost of marble coating deteriorated its appearance irremediably. The 8m long entrance wooden wall coverings had to be completely removed, and the project addressed here for a total restyle: one wall has been decorated with a horizontal lines frescoes (realised with colourful pigments applied through a serious of ropes), while the other presented a venetian plaster finishing and a Murano-glass lamp-sculture by Venini.

The entrance hall floor (deeply damaged by the presence of an underground oil tank) has been restored through a “Portugal pink” marble applied with such a geometry as to continue the staircase walk.

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