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carpineto refuge

Project: CMR-MQR8

The idea of ​​the project came from the analysis of the site and its morphological and flora-faunistic characteristics. The Appenninic state has slopes sweeter than Alpine ones with less rigid climatic conditions. In the landscape, there is also the presence of a large number of large trees from which the "tree" form of the refuge is born, which draws from the vegetable world also the principles of its functioning.The base (ground floor of the bivouac) finds the storage systems of the energy and slags by playing a reserve function as is the case for the roots of the trees, while the photovoltaic panels, located on the top of the building, interact with the sun just like the leaves of a tree.The bivouac has a 160 x 80 mm wood frame frame, backed with steel tie rods and foam insulation enclosed between two pretreated OSB panels and breathable bands.The large stained glass window is used for the daytime lighting of the first level where the services, the night zones and the meeting room are located, and of the upper level consisting of a simple wood paneling. The mezzanine has been thought of as a relaxing environment, a place of meditation and contemplation of nature.

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